Feel great, smell beautiful and look radiant with aromatic blends that offer much more than skincare

Here at Ntuka it's all about adopting and embracing world wide ancient and modern wisdom of relying on what nature has to offer, to nurture, support and promote our long term skin health and our spiritual wellbeing through the power of our sense of smell and touch

A deep rooted belief that recognises that what we apply to our skin can offer us much more than topical nourishment informs all of the Ntuka formulations

The beautiful and complex aromas of plants are the drive and source of inspiration for Ntuka. What carries each and every individual formulation is it's lovlely and unique scent.

Each blend is formulated with the precise intention to bring us the opportunity to experience pleasure through our sense of touch and smell during those intimate moments when we create the space to  nurture ourselves.


This could be through bathing with aromatic salts or simply giving yourself a nourishing facial, scalp or body massage with a beautifully scented oil.  

True and genuine aromatic oils are believed to posses the ability and potential to have a profound impact on our outer and inner being when safely incorporated into our daily rituals.


 Ntuka is all about trusting in that divine and harmonious nature of these precious oils and without comprise, sourcing those that are treated with the outmost deserved respect from seed to bottle.

I welcome you all to Ntuka and look forward to serving you for the first time and to continue serving you, the loyal Ntuka friends

With love, from me, Binkie

©  Ntuka Skincare  2020                                    

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